If you haven’t already, we recommend that you read our What Is Workaway guide before you create your Workaway profile.

When creating a profile whether on Tinder or Facebook it serves a purpose – to impress people. Within a few short seconds they decide if you

  1. look like a murderer,
  2. have a good sense of humour and,
  3. share any similar interests.

However, your Workaway profile takes far more than sharing a few Memes and the odd pouting selfie to impress hosts. In order for the host of your dreams to say yes, follow our straight forward guide.

Hopefully, you’ve already joined – if not sign up here!


Before you start auditioning actors to play you in your biopic, Workaway doesn’t need to know your life story. Hosts read through hundreds of profiles, so keep it simple but by all means stand out. It can be the hardest thing ever writing about yourself so answer these questions (honestly) and it should cover all bases for a solid intro.

  • Why you joined? To learn a new language/meet new people/see more of the world/try a new job/discover new cultures etc.
  • What you can offer in return? Excellent cook/great with children/love animals/enjoy gardening/handy with a paintbrush etc.
  • Where are you travelling to and when? A rough itinerary is important because hosts can also contact you from these countries.
  • Have you volunteered previously? Worthwhile including previous work/study experience too. Be imaginative, what makes you stand out?
  • What are you passionate about? Is it the outdoors that makes you tick? Animal rights? Or maybe like us, you just want to tell the world about haggis and you love nothing more than talking about traditions from home.
Workaway Profile - Our About Me Section


You can have the gift of the gab and write the most interesting profile, but that’s no use if you upload a pouty selfie. There’s no denying the first, likely last and sometimes the only thing hosts look at will be your photo, so how do you nail it?

Here are a few Do’s & Don’t for choosing your Workaway profile picture.

DO – Show your smile!! Save the pouting, the sultry come to bed eyes and Beyonce’ fierceness for Facebook.

DO – Show your skills. Borrow your neighbour’s dog / hop on a bike/bake a cake – show you doing something practical or even just fun in your photo.

DO – Double check the quality. Above 150Kb and below 2MB, in focus and in good lighting works best. Also check it’s not uploaded upside down etc.

DON’T – Upload a picture of you in a suit, looking all formal like a passport pic. You’re not applying for CEO, you’re applying to be you, but in their home.

DON’T – Upload photos of you necking Jaeger bombs if you’re applying to work with children, or wearing a fur coat if you claim to be an “animal lover” double check your images go with what you’ve written and what you’re applying to do. Save the Boys holiday to Maga pics for another day.

DON’T – Just upload photos of your travels. Sunsets and beaches are beautiful and all, but hosts just want to see you. Incorporate both and you’ve nailed it.

Workaway Profile - Our Profile Pictures


Understandably, travel plans can change last minute, but include approximate dates in your profile when you set it up. For example, when hosts search for Workawayers for September, your profile is not going to pop up if you’re only available over Christmas. You want to appear in search results but at the same time you don’t want to waste anyone’s time. No point in them offering you a Summer in Croatia, if you’re not leaving home until October.


By verifying your account via Facebook this boosts confidence in your profile that you’re a real human. Don’t worry, your love of memes and not so classy cover photo will not be shared – only the number of friends you have will.

Workaway Profile - Facebook Verified


After paying a slightly higher fee to join as a couple, you create a profile in the exact same way but remember you are two people so share how you work well together, you want to reassure your host you’re not going to dump your travel buddy and leave them stranded.

  • Mention if you’ve travelled as a couple before – it can be reassuring to your host that you’re BFFs, in it for the long run.
  • Two heads are often better than one, for example – Lauren is the arty farty sort, Darren is a bit of a nerd. Lauren loves to cook, Darren loves to clean. It’s unlikely one person can tick every box but with two people you have more chance of offering something a host will want, so don’t list the same skills for both of you. You’re two unique people.
  • Save the Honeymoon snaps for elsewhere – yes your host wants to know you get on well, but remember they are inviting you into their home so keep the smooching selfies offline.

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