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On our Euro-trip there were several cities we found were one hit wonders and once you’ve been, there was no desire to return. Prague on the other hand, is a city we could explore again and again – in sunshine or in snow. Despite our 2 days in Prague being the rainiest of our entire trip, we’ll never forget the way the gloomy grey skies only highlighted the enchanting architecture further. Not to mention our memorable time at the Beer Spa which we haven’t shut up about since! From where to eat, sleep, drink and stay, this guide covers how to spend those 48 hours in Prague – or more if you’re lucky!

Buildings In Prague


How Much To Budget For 2 Days In Prague

We were £10.90 each via Flixbus from Bratislava. We did Budget £40 per day (both of us for food/activities) although our actual spend was on average £50 per day due to the voice shouting “TREAT YO’SELF” and our zero self-control at the thought of a Beer Spa.

Want to know our full cost of Europe?

Check out our breakdown of costs to learn exactly what we spent during our 3 months in Europe. Covering 12 countries (15 cities) it divides our expenses into transport, accommodation, food and activities. The post even includes a free downloadable budget tracker so your backpacking Europe dreams can soon become reality!


Best Accommodation For 2 Days In Prague

If you are wondering where to stay in Prague, Hostel Florenc was one of the best hostels we’ve stayed in so far!

We paid £27 per night for a private double room, shared bathroom, (although we never saw the other guests we shared with, so it was basically private) and included a buffet breakfast. For a private room in a hostel our room was unbelievably huge. The communal kitchen – there’s one per floor – and table with chairs in our room made it so easy to prepare and enjoy our own food (since the majority of our budget had been spent on beer.)

If like us, you only have 2 days in Prague then the location was also ideal as not a minute will be wasted hunting down public transport! The hostel is basically within the bus station grounds (although surprisingly quiet) so perfect when arriving by bus late at night or leaving early the next morning. Also perfect for accessing everywhere by foot so we didn’t have to spend a penny on local transport nor waste time waiting for a tram.


Where To Eat In Prague

We do not throw these sorta compliments around lightly but, in Tri Café we had THEE best cheesecake of our entire Europe trip, accompanied by delicious coffee and cosy, eclectic decor.

You cannot spend 2 days in Prague without sampling the traditional Trdelník. For usually €3-€4 you can enjoy a donut-like substance carved into a cone served with Nutella and optional ice cream.

Local dishes also include goulash served in a bread bowl or schnitzel. Although we saved our schnitzel sampling for our 2 days in Vienna if you’ve any room left after your Trdelník, definitely squeeze some in during your 48 hours in Prague.

Fancy a 3 hour Dinner Cruise through Prague?

What better way to see Prague than from your dining table as you enjoy a delicious 3 course dinner on board a beautiful boat? Sail passed Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the dancing house and more, all illuminated for the night. Not forgetting the feast of Czech cuisine and live music as well as a drink on arrival – all for £35! (Prices may vary depending on Season) Book Here.


Recommended Bars In Prague

Staropramen was a favoured beer by us before we even started our trip, so “when in Rome” as they say, we always like to try a local beer in its natural habitat.

Svařák (also known as svařené víno or “hot wine”) was also sold in nearly every Trdelník stall and is essentially a mulled wine, although we visited Prague in November so unsure how easy it would be to hunt down in the Summer months.


Things To Do In Prague – On The Beaten Track

Known as the city of spires it is evident why once wandering over Prague’s star attraction – Charles Bridge. The skyline of spires contribute to the city’s Gothic charm and whether walking across the 621 metre bridge or climbing the 138 steps up the Old Town Bridge Tower, you are guaranteed an unforgettable view.

The John Lennon Wall

Regardless of the city, our two favourite things to scope out as soon as we arrive are:

a) decent coffee

b) decent street art.

So, with coffee (and cheesecake) ticked off, our next stop was The John Lennon Wall. If you only have 2 days in Prague, definitely add this to your list!

When communism ruled Prague, Lennon’s lyrics of freedom – amongst many other Western pop songs – were banned by authorities. Following his murder in 1980, a single image of Lennon was painted in a wall opposite the French embassy. This soon grew through continuous additions of Beatles lyrics & political graffiti. The wall, located at Velkoprevorske Namesti, Mala Strana  – a short walk over Charles Bridge –  is now owned by the Knights of the Maltese Cross, who allow the graffiti to continue.

Want to see more of alternative Prague?

It’s no secret we prefer things to see and do off the beaten track and this alternative tour of Prague is one of the coolest we have came across. As well as exploring more of the street art scene, this 3 hour guided tour will allow you access to a community funded art theatre located in a formal slaughter house, hackers crypto-anarchist institute or a hidden hipster cafe with a gallery located in an abandoned factory hall. The tour ends in a unique steam-punk underground club where you can chill with the guide after the tour with a free beer or coffee. Sound like your ideal afternoon? Book here for a mere £13!

Pražský hrad (Prague Castle)

No 2 days in Prague would be complete without a jaunt up its fairy-tale fortress – Pražský hrad (Prague Castle). Regardless of where you are in the city it is impossible not to see its spires. Likely because according to the Guinness World Records, it’s the largest ancient castle in the world. No wonder we needed a spa day to recover from our visit, the castle covers a total area bigger than seven football fields.

Things To Do In Prague – Off The Beaten Track

Due to the non-stop downpour we were back at our hostel to assemble some sort of P.O.A. that wouldn’t require raincoats.  Flicking through the Prague guide provided by the hostel, we stumbled across an advert for Beerland Spa.

A little research later we discovered there was only 1 appointment left for the rest of the week, so inspired by the popularity (and ridiculously good Tripadvisor reviews), we booked. Conveniently, the last slot was the following day so we promptly visited Lidl to buy pasta as at £105 for two, our spa visit had used almost our entire budget. #Yolo and all that jazz.

Couple At Beerland Spa In Prague

From numerous online reviews we learnt to arrive for our appointment early, which is probably the first and last time we will be early for anything ever. There was a good reason however, as the staff allow you to enjoy the beer from the moment you arrive. Living up to Scots stereotype, we arrived an hour early to abuse this. Then we were escorted to a private room, complete with a hops filled hot tub (that left our skin ridiculously soft), a sauna, straw bed for relaxing and the cherry on top – unlimited beer on draught.

Without a doubt it was the highlight of our 2 days in Prague, and admittedly one of the most memorable things we did on our entire Europe trip. The staff were so friendly (allowing all clients to stay even after your hour is up to enjoy the beers further) as well as it being one of the most unique spa experiences we could possibly imagine – a close contender being Therme Bucharest.

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Best Photo Spots In Prague

Forever a fan of a rebellious cause, “The Dancing House” caught our attention due to the initial controversy which surrounded it. It was designed by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in cooperation with Frank Gehry. Although the Nationale-Nederlanden’s exterior epitomizes Gehry’s signature curves it couldn’t be further from the typical Baroque, Gothic & Art Nouveau buildings which line Prague’s streets, thus initial disapproval by locals. Worth a visit if nearby Rašínovo Embankment, which also boasted striking views looking up to the castle and Old Town.

At 607 years old Prague’s Astronomical clock is one of the oldest in the world and according to Lonely Planet, one of Europe’s best known tourist attractions. For the most spectacular views over Prague, you can enter the clock tower and admire the city from the roof as well as a wee history lesson of the clock’s medieval engineering. By booking tickets here you will also be able to skip the queue!

For more photos of our adventure, please take a peek at our Czech Republic gallery.

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