If there’s one thing you know about Prague, it is that it’s the beer capital of the world. If there’s one thing you didn’t know about Prague is that you can bathe in the stuff. That’s right, you can visit a beer bath in Prague, a beer spa if you will. Think hops hot tub with unlimited beer on tap, also known as LIVING THE DREAM. We found out about this dream during our 2 days in Prague.

It’s no secret our backpacking Europe budget was damaged severely by our constant spa days. Don’t believe us? You can find out our exact backpacking Europe cost and judge our cheese/wine/spa dependency. We even made a post dedicated to our Top 5 European Spas we’ve indulged in that many!

However, this was the one thing from Europe we have told EVERYONE about.  Granny, the people of twitter, bus drivers, strangers – you name it. We have tried to tell the world about Prague Beer Spa but realised the best way is via a blog. So you lucky lot, here’s all the details.

Couple At Prague Beer Spa

Fun Fact

You thought we were joking about Prague being the beer capital of the world? In 2013, the average Czech person drank 147 litres of beer, nearly 40 litres more than any other nationality. The average American drinks 76 litres per year, and the average UK resident consumes 67 litres – needless to say the Scottish weren’t measured, otherwise we’d believe this fact. What we’re trying to say is beer is part of the Czech way of life therefor visiting Prague beer spa is a fun way to get get drunk cultural research.


Pretty much, exactly what it says on the tin. No massage oils or hot stones here, instead unlimited beer on tap, a hot tub bubbling with soothing hops and skincare products of a similar theme – beer. According to science, the beer bath in Prague is actually good for you. If like us, you didn’t immediately shout “SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY” and need a little more persuasion, these are the health benefits of bathing in beer –

  • ease of muscle tension
  • vitamin B in abundance
  • soft skin and treatment of psoriasis, cellulite and acne
  • stimulated/increase metabolism
  • mental and physical relaxation (duh)
  • detoxification of your body (if you bathe in it only, not so much the consuming 9 litres of it as you bathe)
  •  you can have a beer baptism (can I get an Amen?)

Not that we’re selling you a lie but it’s not exactly beer in the hot tub. It is in fact 1000 litres of bubbling water like you’re average hot tub. Except the kind spa hostess (who then promptly leaves you to get wasted) adds ground-up hops, brewer’s yeast, and malt. Now I’m no beer expert, but hops, yeast, malt & water are the only ingredients in beer, so technically you are bathing in the stuff. Just don’t try and drink it. Or do (we did) although it doesn’t taste too good.

Beer Spa Prague Beer Bath


Firstly, there are a few. Unlike those Chanel sunglasses you buy in Benidorm – accept no imitations. The real, original Prague Beer Spa is called Spa Beerland Zitna, located Žitná 9, Prague 1.

Not gonna lie, on first impressions of our Prague beer bath research, the majority looked like dodgy stag do destinations. However thanks to thousands of glowing Tripadvisor reviews (and 5 star rating) we knew we’d found the real McCoy.  That and the fact it is called The Original Spa Beerland.


Pivní Lázně Spa Beerland is open 10am – 10pm but reservations are highly recommended. Like the majority of our Europe trip, this was a very last minute decision and the only space was 1pm the following day. However, if there’s anywhere you can get away with spending your Wednesday lunchtime attempting a beer baptism, it’s Prague.

We met a couple as we were stumbling out leaving who explained they had to book a month in advance, so keep this in mind as not everyone has beer gods on their side who majestically let you book the day before.


Firstly, if you’re rather knowledgeable about beer or have a preference, each beer spa has it’s own signature pour so you may want to check this before booking. The Prague beer spa we visited, served unlimited light and dark Krušovice beers.

I prefer dark ales whereas Daz prefers pale – good job they served both. Neither were too heavy, that we got that “full” beer belly feeling after 2 (although that would have saved the hangover) but not too light that we felt ripped off either.

The fear when booking an “unlimited” alcohol experience is often that it’s watered down or a cheap urine-esque substance that tastes vile. We can confirm this was neither and the most fabulous part of all was that you poured it yourself from the minute you walked in the door.


Although the pricing is per tub, you are given exclusive access to your own spa room. As we were backpacking Europe on a “budget” (more info on our Europe budget failings here) we shared a tub, so it was a little cheaper. Although there were 3 tubs in the room, just one had the magical hops potion in it, the others were empty. Pricing is as follows:

  • 1 tub for 1 person is €70
  • 1 tub shared by 2 people is €100
  • 2 tubs for 2 people is €126
  • 2 tubs for 4 people is €200

Top Tip

To make it cheaper, pay in the local currency of Czech Koruna (CZK). If we’d paid in Euros it would have been approx. £116 for both of us, as we paid in CZK it was approx. £105. It will vary depending on the exchange rate but generally, it’s cheaper to pay with local currency.


Your Prague beer Spa tickets includes one hour access to:

  • A private spa room with use of the Beer bath, hop sauna & wheat straw bed.
  • Unlimited consumption of light and dark Krušovice beer
  • consumption of home-made beer bread
  • cooling using traditional oak buckets

However, in reality you get SO MUCH MORE! We arrived nearly 40 minutes early, as the weather was terrible, so we gave up wandering in the rain. The kind hostess let us start drinking immediately. We got speaking with two German girls who had finished their appointment over an hour ago and were still there enjoying the beer!

Also, once our one hour appointment at the “beer spa” was up, we returned upstairs to the reception where the hostess made it obvious the party was not over. In fact, she encouraged us to stay and drink longer. Not that we needed encouraged.

Although we felt the experience alone was amazing value for money (have you seen how much 2 Scots can drink in an hour!?) we loved the relaxed atmosphere. It really made the venue feel like a spa – no rush for you to leave and the next appointment to arrive.

Although you’d to vacate the private room, the staff encouraged you to soak up (and drink up) as much hoppy goodness as you can in the reception area. They were so helpful recommending products (more on those later) and offered to take our photos! It was also a fun opportunity to get to know other beer spa goers – we met a very intoxicated couple of Germans and a daughter taking her parents. So yeah, Beer Spa Prague is something for everyone!


1. Arrive Early

As mentioned, there are taps in the reception area, so you can begin drinking from the moment you arrive!

2. Wear Your Swimwear Under Your Clothes

Although before and after your spa appointment is incredibly relaxed, due to popularity they are strict on the 1 hour time slot actually in the room. This means you must master the art of taking your clothes off (and on) ridiculously quick to make the most. There is an actual timer in the room that will give you a 10 minute warning. If you’re as boozy as Loz was and as clumsy as Darren, this 10 minutes will not feel quick enough to change. As lovely as the spa hostess was, she holds no exceptions – when your timer is up, you’re outta there, naked or not!

Couple In Prague Beer Bath

3. Try The Bread

Originally we thought, “wow bread, such a culinary treat” but my god, it is good! It also helps soak up the alcohol too. Did we mention it too was beer themed?

4. Shower Quickly (Before That Timer Pings), But Carefully

The powdered hops from the hot tub will leave green clumps on your skin. HOWEVER, these green clumps (as sexy as they sound) make your skin ridiculously soft. Rinse them off but do not use soap. You want that hoppy goodness to be absorbed by your skin long after you leave ensuring the softness lasts longer than your hangover.

5. Treat Yo’self To Yhe Prague Beer Spa Products

Prior to our Prague beer spa visit, we envisioned us leaving smelling like a Weatherspoon’s carpet. Therefore, we couldn’t imagine anything worse than lathering on lager scented moisturiser, or pale ale shower gel. However, the products didn’t smell like pints.

Instead much like the hot tub, there was an emphasis on natural ingredients that would leave your skin super soft. We purchased a body scrub. There was a hint of a yeasty smell but by no means alcoholic and it delivered all skin remedies as promised. The best part? Every time we used it, we were instantly reminded of our fabulous time at the beer spa Prague so it’s the perfect souvenir!

Prague Beer Spa Products

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