Fa | Who

Darren & Lauren - Two Scots. One Camera. Zero Sense of Direction. Coming from the North East of Scotland, we speak Doric. Far am a gan is Doric for "where am I going?" We quit our jobs in Fashion and the oil industry to travel the world (and avoid adulthood a little while longer.)

Fit | What

To date we have travelled to over 20 countries, supplying us with enough selfies and stomach upsets to let you all know where to go (and where to avoid.) Whether you're a travel novice or full time nomad, take a peek at our pictures and follow the adventure. 

Far | Where

From Palm Springs to Paris, Bratislava to Brighton, we've created this blog to highlight the best bits to help your next trip. Currently touring Europe before heading to Hawaii in the New Year, followed by Fiji, campervanning round New Zealand then off to big bad Oz. 

Fan | When

Fed up with the 9-6 for our two holidays a year, in October we quit our day jobs to live our day dream and travel full time. Follow us as we embark on 18 (ish) months of 15 (ish) countries with our biggest adventure yet.

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