Feeling inspired to go on your next adventure? We have put together the resources we use to make every trip possible in one handy place. Whether it’s budget accommodation in Europe you’re looking for, last minute cheap flights or simply what backpack is best, you can find it all here. Not forgetting our Scottish roots, we’ve included a few discount codes and will update with any bargains we find!

Note, affiliate links have been used where appropriate and when you purchase via these links we earn a few pennies commission (at no extra cost to you) that goes towards our next packet of noodles. Don’t worry, we only share products we actually trust and feel will benefit your travels. If you want to download some free resources, then please click below.

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From choosing the perfect backpack, to the best camera for travellers – read our Essential Travel Packing List before your next adventure.

If like us, you find packing harder than a task on The Apprentice – print this essential backpacking checklist or alternatively you can use this interactive essential backpacking checklist (perfect for mobiles or limited printer access)!

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Top Travel Tip

Don’t just use the backpacking checklist before you leave, take it with you and check your items against it on the way home – that way you avoid leaving anything behind.



Firstly, our go-to website is, found here. It’s perfect for backpackers because with many rooms you don’t have to pay until you get there, allowing you to pay as you go (and indeed cancel as you go) fuss free. It is ideal if you are on a budget. For example, in May we booked our accommodation in Europe for the following October, knowing we had 4 months to save money and not pay until we get there.


Don’t be fooled into thinking cheap accommodation cannot be found on Airbnb! We have used it all over the world from Hollywood Boulevard (with a rooftop pool) to a hut in the Hawaiian jungle, more info on that in our quirky accommodation post.

Possibly a tad controversial, but we also recommend Airbnb for long term accommodation too. When we arrived in Melbourne, knowing we were staying there for 3 months, we didn’t want to spend money buying bedding, setting up WiFi, utensils etc alongside the hassle of finding a short term lease. With Airbnb the host supplies everything you need and we were able to haggle on the cost (don’t see many hotels doing that) as well as the additional long term discount on top! Not to mention due to the price we didn’t have to share with other backpackers – an entire apartment, with gym and pool for CHEAPER than a month in a hostel would be!

Enjoy our cheeky sign up referral that gives you £25 credit just for signing up! Cheap rooms all over the world AND free money – don’t say we’re not good to you.

Colourful Houses With £25 Off Your Next Airbnb


One of the cheapest ways to travel is via Workaway. Similar to Airbnb you search for hosts, and homes are rated on a review system. However, there is no money involved. Accommodation is free. Yes, this means access to over 30,000 homes in 170 countries without spending a penny. The catch? You volunteer 25 (ish) hours of your time in exchange for bed and board. Thanks to Workaway we’ve stayed in a treehouse with a hot tub in Switzerland, dined like royalty in Greece and spent a month exploring beaches in Hawaii. More about that in our Workaway review.


Cheap Transport In Europe

Without a doubt, the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to travel through Europe is via bus. No baggage weight restrictions, no expensive airport transfer fees and you can take as much food and drink on board as you please. Convinced yet? We travelled from 2 days in Vienna to spend one day in Bratislava for a crazy £3.50 thanks to Flixbus. They have a great app too which allows you to track your bus, search deals and store tickets on your phone (no need to hunt down a printer)! Check out more of our best apps for backpackers and if you want to grab a bargain, then you can check out Flixbus prices here.

Cheap Flights

Of course, not everyone is on a backpacker timescale so for weekend city breaks or to indeed cross oceans you will need to fly. Our absolute go-to is Skyscanner. Not only for the cost but for the “search anywhere” feature and “entire month” option allowing you to get the absolute best price flights within your budget. Why not book your next flight now!


We unashamedly use Uber all over the world as it is *nearly* always cheaper when you are travelling as a couple. Airport transfers can be extremely expensive, sometimes as much as the flight itself. So why pay £40 each for a bus or train to take you into the city, when an Uber would cost £40 for BOTH of you and take you door to door not to just the nearest stop? Uber takes the hassle out of coping with huge backpacks on public transport, you can track the car and know the fee before you accept it. Just don’t use it in countries where it’s illegal, like we did during our Bucharest city break. . . oops.

Intrigued to try? Use this sign up referral for £3.00 off your first fare!


Want to travel the world but have no money? Sounds familiar. Take a peek at our ten tips for first time backpackers for tips on how to save money for your next trip.

We have also answered the question as to what backpacking Europe cost us, while we travelled through 12 countries in 3 months.

If like us, you’ve scraped together the adventure fund and you’re so excited to be on your way but have a hopeless treat yo’self mentality. It can be so difficult to budget long term travel and not feel like you’re on one big holiday. We created a budget tracker for you to download which can use or like us – occasionally cry at.


Now you’re all set for your next adventure, why not set up a blog to document your travels, or simply to let your mum know you’re still alive? Blogs are the modern day travel journal with the added bonus that you might make a penny or two from doing so!

It’s surprisingly simple to do so, set up a travel blog in 5 easy steps –

  1. Find a name – Remember the 4 M’s – Mini, Meaningful, Memorable, Message. Short names that are easy to spell and convey your message. Write about luxury travel? Don’t call your blog Bob’s Budget Backpacking. Vegan traveller? Don’t opt for Meats & Treats – you get the idea.
  2. Find a host – Most people use WordPress to create the site, but you actually need to pay for a little slice of the internet to host your content (this is how you get ‘.com’ not ‘’)
  3. Create a logo – So everyone knows that fab article on Portugal was written by you or those adorable turtle pictures were yours you need a logo. A logo represents you. Like a name it should be to the point, conveys your message and isn’t copying someone else’s!
  4. Travel – In order to write about the world, you’re going to have to take a trip or two. Write content you are passionate about, promotes your personality and is actually content you’d want to read yourself. This goes hand in hand with high quality images – don’t follow the crowd.
  5. Build an Audience – If you tick all the above boxes an audience should grow naturally. However, social media helps build hype around your blog and entice readers to your content which is ultimately your goal.

Making Money From Your Blog

Believe us, this does not happen over night and does require some initial investment. Paying for quality tools, such as keyword research tools for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), in the beginning will save you so much time and money in the long run. You ultimately get what you pay for, pay pennies for a logo they’re going to give you a refined picture from Clipart. Don’t want to pay for a host? Brand’s won’t work with you unless you have your own domain.

Luckily for you we have a recommendation or two that can help you out:

  1. Website Host – We currently use Siteground for our website hosting and cannot recommend them enough, they have great customer support and it the dashboard is extremely easy to use.
  2. Logo – Our logo was created by Logojoy. It can be particularly hard creating a logo when you know exactly what you want in your head, equally when you have no clue. Logojoy allows you to select a design from various styles of logo and will produce a high quality, memorable logo regardless of your expertise and creativity. Not just one logo either – numerous shapes and formats for use across social media, YouTube, your website and more. Try it out here!
  3. SEO Tools – Keysearch Pro (paid tool) combined with Keywords Everywhere (free Google Chrome extension) is what we use for our keyword research. If you signup for Keysearch now, you can use the discount code KSDISC for 20% off a pro subscription.
  4. Website Speed – Speed is a crucial factor in ensuring that you keep users on your site, users are more likely to stay on your site if the site loads quickly so they can get to the information they need sooner. There are lots of plugins available for WordPress but the most user friendly and easy to setup is WP Rocket, we use WP Rocket and have recently renewed our membership for the second year!

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

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