With 24 festivals between us, I suppose we deserve our festival veteran crowns. We could dedicate an entire blog to the tales and fails of festival goers, from the time Lauren was televised nationwide dressed as a lady bug to our tent being rescued by the Red Cross in the Scottish Highlands (yup, it rained THAT much.)

However, two years ago we decided paying £200 + for a ticket to stomp in the mud and camp in the cold with overpriced beer was no longer our cup of tea and a little festival in the wee Spanish town of Benicassim, changed our festival plans forever.  The festival is named after the town but is often referred to as FIB (Festival Internacional de Benicàssim) or Beni.

Now, we’ve all played the “Would you rather” game, so would you rather:

  • Tapas instead of burger vans?
  • Bikinis instead of wellie boots?
  • Wine that’s €3 a bottle instead of £7 pints?
  • Guaranteed sunshine instead of knee-deep mud?
  • All while spending your day chilling on the beach and dancing under the Spanish sunset?

If your answer was yes to any of the above, then read on – this Benicassim guide is exactly what you need.

Couple Inside Campervan At Music Festival

How Much Do Benicassim Tickets Cost?

Benicassim early bird tickets are released before Christmas are only €110. Tickets then rise to €155/£136 (camping included) in the New Year so grab your Benicassim 2019 tickets now! We found some UK websites are a little sneaky and will charge you over £145 plus booking fee (looking at you Ticketmaster). Pay in Euros through the official FIB website as it works out the best price.

For this fabulous price, the festival is EIGHT DAYS, with music on 4 of those days. If you can sesh in the sunshine for 8 days, be our guest but my wee ginger head found 4 was perfect (Thursday – Sunday). The Benicassim 2019 dates are Thursday 18th – Sunday 21st of July.

What Is the Benicassim Line Up?

The Fib Line up always includes some absolute legends and is without a doubt the main reason we go. In the past we’ve seen Paul Weller, Kasabian, Paolo Nutini, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Jess Glynne and The Courteeners. Indie is usually the main focus, though there is always something for everyone. There are not many festivals that would have Travis Scot and Pet Shop Boys on the same bill but the Benicassim line up 2018 did just that. The Benicassim line up for 2019 is yet to be released however the FIB line up never disappoints so take the chance now to purchase early bird tickets!

Girl At Benicassim In Spain

How To Get To Benicassim

If like us, you’re (unfortunately) not Spanish, you’re gonna need to hop on a plane and get a flight to Benicassim.

The nearest airport to Benicassim are as follows –

  1. Castellón is closest (17km)
  2. Valencia (92km)
  3. Reus (176km)
  4. Barcelona (261km)
  5. Alicante (273km)

As a tip, it is not always cheapest to book return flights. For example, we flew into one airport but left from another simply because it worked out cheaper. It is worth playing around with airport combinations for the best price through Skyscanner.

Bus to Benicassim

From these airports there are official festival buses that then take you to the campsite. Both times we used eufest and a single from the airport to campsite is approx. £18 (obviously varies depending on airport.)

When returning, it is a short walk from the festival arena to the bus station in town (which looks like a large square/carpark). There is a very organised system in place where you will receive a coloured band depending which airport you are going to.

Also check out the site Flixbus for bus routes all over Europe – a super cheap way to get to Beni.

Girl Standing Outside Bus At Benicassim Music Festival

Train to Benicassim

When you leave, it is very easy to travel from Benicassim to Barcelona, Madrid and many other European cities. It’s an ideal festival as part of a euro-railing adventure (as it’s so cheap & cheerful) or backpacking in general as its so likely to meet other travellers when you’re there to continue exploring Europe with. We have a full post on how much backpacking Europe costs and our entire route if you fancy continuing the adventure. Benicassim train station is within walking distance of the festival (approx. 20 minutes) so it couldn’t be easier.

Opting to sleep in the campsite makes it so much easier to miss your flight as you’ll either

  1. be persuaded for an extra beer (or 10)
  2. lose track of time
  3. fall asleep in your tent & miss your alarm.

Not to mention you’ll miss the mad rush & traffic as you’ll be out of the campsite before the majority have even made it back to their tents.

Top Tip

As the campsite closes early on the Monday we genuinely recommend choosing an early flight and sleep on the bus to the airport. For example, we left the arena around 4am, grabbed our backpacks & “checked out” our tent then headed straight to the bus stop. We got to the airport and napped for an hour or two before our flight.

Where To Stay In Benicassim

For Benicassim accommodation there are a few options:

  • Budget – Camping at Benicassim is included in your festival ticket. Therefor you can pack a £15 tent from Tesco and you’re good to go. Although this sounds cheapest, keep in mind luggage allowance as if you’ve to pay for hold luggage in order to take your own tent, sleeping bag etc it may be more expensive than hiring a tent.
    There are two campsites – Campfest is the campsite closest to Benicassim festival and is free to pitch there. Whereas Villacamp is in the town centre and you pay extra due it’s extra amenities, as its FIB’s “VIP” campsite.
  • Best – Glamping at Benicassim is the best option – we’ve tried & tested it (twice). You simply hire a “glamping” tent through the glamping company. We paid €75 for two people. Our recommended option because –
    • You won’t need to find a tent space and pitch your tent (in the dark after you arrive from your flight and probably on your 7th cider)
    • The glamping campsite is still in Campfest so within a 15 minute walk of the arena but all tents are under shade, so your tent won’t be quite as oven-like in comparison to the peasant campers.
    • Glamping at Benicassim is only accessible by those wearing the correct wrist bands. This means your tent is more secure as it has its own check in/out porta cabin & security. Although security & police do patrol all sites regularly.
    • Torches, mats & locks are included in the price of the tent. (Prices also vary on size/style of tent and larger fancier options are available)
  • Ballin’ – Airbnb, villas or hotels in Benicassim are a third (more expensive) option. We searched in February last year for the festival in July and it was almost impossible to find any availability. As the town is quite rural, naturally inspired by the influx of money throwing millennial’s, prices are hiked waaaay up for accommodation. Even a hostel in Benicassim is expensive.
    It will also mean a lengthy walk to & from the arena at silly hours of the morning (and after a tipple or ten) but will mean warm showers, air con and an actual bed. Have a peek at prices here or feel free to use our discount code to save £25 off your Airbnb.
Campsite At Benicassim Music Festival

How Much does Benicassim Cost in Total?

  • Festival Ticket: €155/ £136
  • Flight: €159/ £140 – we flew London to Castellon and booked the month before. So, shop around.
  • Bus Transfer: €18/ £15 – for a single airport to Festival transfer with Eufest.
  • Glamping: €75 / £66 – for Easy tent for 2 people (includes Torch, mats & lock) for 8 days (we only used 4)
  • Lockers: €80 / £70 – for two large lockers, this was as we were going to Paris after so put our luggage in it. Definitely not a necessity. There are smaller, cheaper lockers for passports etc if you don’t feel comfortable leaving items in your tent.
  • Food: €80/ £70 – cost for the entire 4 days. This included dining out. Though the first year I survived off pringles, so this budget could definitely be smaller!
  • Alcohol: €8/ £7 for a litre of lovely strawberry gin from the supermarket. €4/ £3.52 for a crate of 12 beers. Bar token in arena €5/ £4.40 (this may vary)

Benicassim Packing List

These are our Benicassim essentials:

Suncream -My first Beni experience was nearly ruined when I fell asleep in the sunshine (after one too many 60 cents cartons of wine) and subsequently had lobster legs. So burnt, I couldn’t bop to the Courteeners or even pull on and off my shorts without whimpers of pain.

48 Reviews
  • The travel kits includes 3 travel size x 100ml bottles

Portable Battery Pack – It is unbelievable how big the queue is to charge your phone not to mention how expensive it is. Save the time (and money!) by purchasing a power pack which will last the entire 4 days.

Anker Powercore 20100
6,916 Reviews
Anker Powercore 20100
  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 20 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Ultra-High Capacity: Weighs as little as a can of soup (12.5 oz) yet charges the iPhone 8 almost seven times, the Galaxy S8 five times or the iPad mini 4 twice.
  • High-speed charging: PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to deliver the fastest possible charge(does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge). Recharges itself in 10 hours with a 2 amp charger, phone chargers...

Travel Towels – Super compact these have numerous uses (other than drying yourself, obvs). We used towels as picnic blankets, for the beach or even instead of blankets if you have no space to pack a sleeping bag.

Travel Towel
947 Reviews
Travel Towel
  • Compact & lightweight with a comfortable suede feel
  • Super absorbent and fast drying
  • Vibrant colours, 3 sizes, Medium size: 100cm x 50cm Large size: 150cm x 80cm Extra Large size: 180cm x 90cm

In terms of clothing you need very, very little. A pair of shorts, swimwear, a T shirt or two, flip flops. Sorted.

Want a Full Festival Checklist?

Heading to Benicassim? Read our full festival checklist  – it covers festival fashion, first aid, camping & so much more!

Top Travel Tips for Benicassim 

  1. As the Benicassim weather in July is so hot the music runs from 7pm to 7am. So our top tip would be take friends who can hack the pace, not ones who like sleep.
Girl In Tent At Benicassim Music Festival
  1. Sleep all day at the beach, hiring comfortable sun loungers are a few euros (we can’t give you an exact price as each day we went they made up a different price!) These are more comfortable than a tent and the breeze from the sea means its less like sleeping in an oven.
Benicassim Music Festival Wrist Band
  1. If on a budget shop at the supermarket. Unlike British festivals glass is allowed (in the campsite not the arena) and you are allowed to enter & exit the festival as many times as you like. This means heading to the supermarket for a crate of 12 beers for €3.20 to enjoy in the campsite instead of paying for pints in the arena. However, in comparison to British festivals, the arena prices are very reasonable. We stocked up on hummus, nibbles & hangover food from the supermarket but cannot recommend the homemade pizza from the arena enough!
Couple Drinking Beer At Benicassim Music Festival
  1. Without sounding like a mum, drink water. I bailed early the first year as a wise diet of pringles & pinot grigio for 3 days resulted in my legs to genuinely balloon twice the size. I also fainted on a road, however watching a 20-something Scottish person keel over, many assumed I was just wasted so no one helped. Luckily I was that sunburned my face couldn’t go any redder with embarrassment. I very much learnt my lesson, so when returning the following year I drank water all day before drinking at night – meaning I could actually enjoy every minute.
Girl Drinking Water At Benicassim Music Festival
  1. Don’t contribute to the “British” reputation. Like all festivals there are some who can’t enjoy a cider or two without spoiling it for everyone. Particularly as Benicassim is a quaint Spanish town, imagine an influx of drunken, semi naked Brits demanding English breakfasts and litres of after sun. As a local you’d hate us too. If this lager lout behaviour continues, understandably Benicassim won’t want us anymore, so enjoy it but don’t abuse it like filling their fountains with bubble bath.
Fountains Overflowing At Benicassim Music Festival

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I’m obviously not much of a festival goer because I didn’t think you’d have to queue to charge your phone! Great planning post though 🙂

I’ve never been to a festival abroad and yet it always been on my bucket list! I love Spain, and indie music and speak a bit of Spanish so this one sounds perfect! And the Chili Peppers are one of my faves 😀

I’m going to this festival this year! Can’t wait! I’ve never liked the idea of camping in a muddy field so this seemed like the perfect festival to me! Plus the line-up is so good I wasn’t expecting it when my friend said let’s go to a festival in Spain

Well this festival is now on my bucket list! ? Always love reading other festival blogs, and this one looks like SO much fun (and so cheap!)

Great post. Very thorough and well written. Loved the helpful tips.

Whoa! Festival pro! 🙂 Great tips on Benicassim!


are the VIP tickets worth it?


My friends and I want to go to this festival in 2019 but we’re confused as it only gives us an option to camp from the 15th even though the music doesn’t start until the 18th! Do you have to be there to check in by the 15th or can we arrive on the 17/18th?


My friends and I want to go to this in 2019! We’re confused because check in for camping is on the 15th but the music doesn’t start till the 18th. Do we have to check in on the 15th or can it be later on like the 17th?

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