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Darren & Lauren – Two Scots. One Camera. Zero Sense of Direction. If two clueless millennial’s from the North East of Scotland can quit their day jobs to live their day dream and travel the world, anyone can. Even better, we’ll show you how. Coming from the North East of Scotland, we speak Doric. Far am a gan is Doric for “where am I going?” This blog will share the tales (And fails) of our adventure so far and (hopefully) inspire your next adventure too.

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Fit | What

To date we have travelled to over 25 countries, supplying us with enough selfies and stomach upsets to let you all know where to go (and where to avoid.) Whether you’re a travel novice or full time nomad, our posts share the entire journey – the good, the bad and the not-showered-for-three-days ugly. Supplying you will all the travel tips, budget advice and wanderlust inspiration you could possibly need.

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Far | Where

So far we’ve survived 12 countries in Europe via bus, Lava hunting in Hawaii, A cyclone in Fiji and a 5 week roadtrip in a campervan round New Zealand. I know, we can barely believe it either. Now we have landed in Australia our new home for the next 12 months. Hopefully with enough factor 50 we can tick Oz off the bucket list too. Not forgetting to let you in on our tips and advice along the way. Who said three’s a crowd?

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Fan | When

Fed up with the 9-6 for our two holidays a year, in October 2017 we quit our day jobs to live our day dream and travel full time. Are you waiting for that “one day” too? We’ll let you in on a little secret, there is no perfect time to go for it. We saved for 12 months, planned for 6 months and hopefully are on an adventure with no time limit. Who knows, this time next week/ next month/ next year…this could be you!




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